An award-winning week

Simone Pellizzon
Simone Pellizzon
Chief Technology Officer

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Three awards in one week: this is what we mean by bold-week! The sites created for Water by Falmec and we-flow continue to give us one satisfaction after another.

Water by Falmec is Siteoftheday and Developeroftheday for Awwwards

We created a launch landing page for a new Falmec product line and we did it according to our bold attitude! WebGL distortion effects introduce the user to the exploration of the product range and its design and technical virtuosity. The navigation is immersive and rhythmic: the images are given voice, which mark the spaces, together with a smooth scroll that switches between vertical and horizontal.

we-flow is FWAoftheday and CSSDAoftheday

We-flow is design, engineering, marketing and data science. A consulting firm that supports corporate management in generating value. A web project that involved the whole team and allowed us to study new technologies and apply the best techniques to create a user experience with a unique value and a colorful flat look&feel, which challenged, entertained and united us.

And these are just the latest awards in the long series that distinguishes we-go as one of the most awarded communication agencies in Italy. To date there are over 50 prizes won and we have no intention to stop. They are the proof that our Web Experience team is always at the forefront in the development of innovative and high quality digital solutions. And we are proud to be recognized for our commitment and the quality of the work we do.

But what are Awwwards and FWA?

Awwwards is an organization that recognizes the best websites in terms of design, technology and creativity. FWA is another organization that celebrates creativity and innovation in the world of web development. Both realities showcase the most forward-thinking and innovative projects developed by individuals, agencies and brands after a careful evaluation process performed by over 500 judges from 35 countries.