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Sorelle Ramonda

Customer Sorelle Ramonda S.p.A
Sorelle Ramonda is a multi-brand retailer of important international fashion brands, with over 1,200 employees and over 60 points of sale between Italy and Austria.
Year 2012 - on going


From e-commerce to online business. Yes, the game changes.

Digital Experience

Analysing, planning, implementing, and testing. Sorelle Ramonda is a 100% custom website, continually evolving. With ERP and PIM perfectly implemented, the project includes all the main payment processing, shipping and marketing automation systems. Just the perfect knowledge repository!


Results of the first half of 2020

E-commerce management

  • +70 %
    revenue compared to the previous year
  • +80 %
    conversion rate compared to the previous year

Marketing & Strategy

Data-entry officers, photographers, online store managers: a whole team was devoted to real-time updates of the product catalogue, staying abreast of fashion trends.

Publishing plan, social ads, email marketing and promotions: everything is monitored on a daily basis to guarantee the best performance and to beat last year’s records every week.


Results of the first half of 2020

Paid Campaign

  • +160 %
  • +209 %
    Purchases from campaigns
  • +193 %
    purchase conversion

Marketing & Strategy

Sorelle Ramonda grows at a yearly rate of 50%, with a sales strategy that is not simply about price. The warmth of a traditional retailer with a project that day after day improves its online performance.