The challenges of today’s talent acquisition: Arcese’s recruiting

Lisa Perdon
Lisa Perdon
Marketing Strategist

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The complexity of today's labour market has made recruiting activities problematic. Find out how Arcese overcame these challenges.

In today's increasingly complex labour market, it’s more and more difficult for companies to attract the most appropriate talents for their needs.

Today’s recruiting challenges

According to recent studies, the reasons people choose one job over another are not exclusively about stability, proximity and salary. 

Drivers of choice have evolved, making it increasingly difficult for companies to recruit: work atmosphere, work-life balance, benefits, growth and career plans are the main factors that move the needle when it comes to job choices

The Great Resignation phenomenon is adding to this complexity, which has plagued so many Italian workers-especially millennials-in the post-pandemic era. The term indicates voluntary resignation from a workplace that no longer meets professional ambitions and aspirations. Thus, dynamics that affect not only technical skills but also corporate and personal values shared or not between the company and the worker come into play. Among the causes of this phenomenon are discontent (47%), demotivation (34%) and lack of shared goals (30%).

How can a company attract talents in an increasingly complex and competitive labour market system? Especially, when the evolution of the labour market does not go hand in hand with the evolution of how a resource is hunted. 

Indeed, in many cases, worker searches are carried out through standard, impersonal ways: posting job offers on the brand's website and LinkedIn profile, maybe getting employment agencies involved. This way, it’s given more weight to the job itself and the search for the figure who is best suited to fit the job vacancy, without taking into account that nowadays it is the candidate - for the most part - who has the most power: a recent LinkedIn study revealed that 75% of candidates for a position, before presenting themselves for the interview, do a deep company research, and almost 70% of them reject an offer from a company with a bad reputation.

This is where corporate employer branding comes in, which goes hand in hand with the brand identity of the company itself. What does employer branding mean? It’s about all the actions and communications designed to define the identity of a workplace in a way that makes it distinguishable and attractive from competitors. Before moving to the recruiting process, this is a key step to take: knowing how to best communicate your company to make it attractive to potential candidates, but also to be recognized as a great place to work for the employees themselves, who become true brand ambassadors.

But, once we untangle this layer of communication and move on to the actual action, can a company recruiting become more empathic and engaging? The answer is yes, and the project that allowed us to turn a simple idea into reality is the one commissioned to us by Arcese, an Italian company operating in the logistics and international transport sector.

How to recruit in an unconventional way: Arcese case

The input was to create an "out of the box" Talent Acquisition for the Generation Z. 

We developed a concept right after a co-design session with the client through the we-flow method we-flow where we were able to get to know the company and its values in details, dive into the job descriptions and profiles of the figures searched. From this fact-finding and co-design session we moved on to a more creative phase, aimed at identifying and voting the trends on the platforms where this campaign would have its outcome, TikTok and Instagram.

The result of all the information gathered and the various elaborations was a creative concept that well traced the current trends which were capable of speaking the same language as the generation targeted by our communication, dispelling the false myths of working in a workshop, highlighting why it is good to work in Arcese and what this reality can offer to a young worker.  A double win: with a single Talent Acquisition campaign we achieved the goal for which we were hired, as well as creating a campaign that proved to be an excellent tool for generating awareness and increasing brand visibility