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OZ Racing is a leader on a global scale in the production of alloy wheels and a legend in the F1, Rally and DTM racing sectors. Expertise and Italian excellence in design are the key pillars of its authority in the automotive sector and make the OZ brand unmistakable all over the world.
Year 2018 - on going

Tribe oriented


A cross-area strategy aimed at activating the community, linking it to the brand thanks to communication designed with sentiment analysis and needs assessment for very different target types, which at the same time conveys the unparalleled quality of the product and the internationality of the brand.


Art direction and storytelling ignite the passion of the OZ Tribe with heady and inspiring content. The tone of voice is engaging, the interactive ad campaigns bring users closer, the content production captures their hearts and minds, and the community management service cultivates the relationships with care and dedication.

The impact of the visuals is the result of a game of balance between image quality and copy strength, while users are entertained between features in which they recognize themselves and UGC of the highest quality, and where they are encouraged to share unique photos and experiences with their favourite brand.


The "Call Me Obsessed" campaign, intercepting the particular attitude of fans and members of the Tribe, becomes the mouthpiece for the brand's values, generating a strong sense of belonging.

The campaign features six different lovers of the well-known OZ Racing wheels, whose stories are told in the form of interior monologues. The protagonists experience their passion first-hand and become symbols of a shared attitude. The storytelling is intense, but at the same time amusing and dreamlike and is designed for digital channels.


Results of


  • 72 %
    average interactive viewing experience
  • 1:30
    dwell time spent on the content