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we-go: your strategic partner for sustainability communication

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Sustainability communication has undergone a significant change. Nowadays, people seek authenticity, clarity and facts-based content. However, current data indicates that 76% of Italians find it difficult to distinguish which companies are truly sustainable, and one in five people states the concept of sustainability is not entirely clear: only 29% of the population understands concepts such as 'carbon footprint.'


To ensure clarity and effectiveness in an increasingly complex context of sustainability issues, we-go developed a process in which, together with companies, we define the sustainability criteria on which to base communication, aimed at both internal and external stakeholders.


We start by creating a sustainability report and extend the strategy to long-term actions to reach the potential user audience.

Sustainability and Transparency: The European Directive and the Sustainability Report

It is now evident that sustainability is a fundamental aspect for companies worldwide, which are increasingly subject to the expectations of their stakeholders: investors, customers, employees, and local communities. For a long time, corporate reporting has been limited to economic aspects, providing a 'partial' picture. In fact, two companies with similar or identical economic results can have very different impacts on the world in which they operate. Therefore, to obtain a comprehensive view of a company's value, we cannot focus solely on economic aspects; we must broaden our perspective to understand how its activities impact the environment, society, and people.

To transition the European economic-financial model towards a system based on sustainability principles, the European Parliament adopted the 'Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive' on November 10, 2022. This directive aims to improve the quality, consistency, and reliability of sustainability information provided by companies, promoting transparency and the integration of corporate practices. The CSRD requires European companies to regularly publish mandatory sustainability reports based on common standards to make non-financial information clearer, more complete, and comparable

These reports highlight adequate information on the risks, opportunities, and impacts of corporate activities in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sectors, enabling stakeholders to assess the company's impact and commitment in these areas.


Legally required to adhere to the new non-financial reporting rules according to new criteria and contents (ESRS: European Sustainability Reporting Standards) are:

  • From January 1, 2025, large companies not subject to the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (with more than 250 employees and/or €40 million in turnover and/or €20 million in total assets), with a deadline in 2026;
  • From January 1, 2026, SMEs and other listed companies, with a deadline in 2027, with non-listed SMEs having the option to opt out until 2028.


Other companies, although not obligated, are encouraged to embark on a transparent path towards sustainability as a testament to growing attention to this issue and in response to the increasing demand from consumers.

we-go: Your Strategic Partner for Sustainability Projects

In this complex scenario, we-go's goal is to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire supply chain in sustainability communication, aiming to spread culture and create educational initiatives both internally within the company and externally in the market.


Our support is structured through a four-step process:

Step 1


 We conduct an assessment of the company's sustainability requirements and, in close collaboration with the company, define a roadmap for value creation, making sustainable practices an integral part of the business strategy to generate a lasting competitive advantage for the company. This activity is carried out in partnership with researchers who are experts in the field of sustainability, positioning ourselves as a strategic partner alongside our clients to ensure compliance with the new European Directive.

Through a technical approach based on scientific evidence, such as double materiality analysis and Product Life Cycle (PLC) assessment, we conduct an in-depth analysis of current corporate practices in the field of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).

Step 2


Together, we define the short- and long-term strategic objectives, developing an action plan with initiatives and activities to achieve these objectives.

Step 3


We draft clear and transparent texts for the sustainability report, accompanied by infographics, tables, and charts that facilitate the understanding and visualization of data related to the topic.

Step 4


We create a communication plan targeted at the sustainability project, aimed at both internal and external stakeholders, crafting an effective narrative to facilitate understanding of the topics, translating technical aspects into clear and accurate concepts that transparently reflect your company's impact.

The Benefits of Working with we-go

Building a solid and effectively communicated sustainability project requires specific skills and professionalism. Collaborating with a communication agency like we-go can help your company create high-quality content that can be used to communicate your commitment to sustainability in a clear and engaging manner.


In addition, through this process, your company can:

  • Comply with any regulatory obligations arising from legislation;
  • Position itself ahead of others, opening up new market opportunities;
  • Build a tool of (self)awareness through data collection activities;
  • Access better credit conditions both in terms of creditworthiness assessment and applicable economic conditions;
  • Improve corporate reputation and attract new customers


In a context where sustainability is becoming increasingly central to business success,

effectively communicating sustainable initiatives and results is essential.

With our strategic and integrated approach, we support companies in transforming sustainability challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.


To delve deeper into the topic of sustainability and discover how the best companies in the sector are addressing new challenges, we invite you to attend our free event, which will be held on June 6th at our headquarters at Via Padova, 75, Vigonza PD.