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we-go for Valin: a rebranding under the sign of transformation

Find out about the rebranding process carried out for Valin that involved every aspect of communication, all focused around transformation.

Valin approached us as a company with cutting-edge processes and a need to bring its corporate identity back to the present. We were thus able to try our hand at a comprehensive rebranding project, going into every nuance of brand communication, basing the design on the concept central to Valin's business: transformation.

The company molds grain and legume flours into semi-processed products for the snack industry, producing custom pellet and micro-pellet shapes for each customer. "Transforming" is their core business: our challenge was to build a communication capable of conveying the complexity of the theme in a fresh and clear language that can remain relevant for years to come.

The need to communicate the rebranding flowed into an avant-garde web experience with a high level of interactivity, populated with still life shooting content and videos shot with special techniques: the use of probe optics and high fps cameras produced images capable of bringing the viewer immersively close to the magic of the material being worked on.

we-go x V.AL.IN: verbal and visual identity, stationary package, shooting, website and a new logo that encapsulates the whole essence of change.

we-go Valin cover 1