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5,000 stores located in 70 countries around the world and a historical legacy dating back to 1894: Bata is an internationally recognized footwear brand that boasts a century-long tradition, iconic models and a constant drive for innovation.
Year 2022

The story you love


The concept of "The story you love" aims to bring the user and the brand closer together, consolidating the brand image thanks to a human and spontaneous communication that is also able to involve Bata's own collaborators.

Art Direction & Communication

The artistic direction of the Bata project ensures that all content speaks the language of the community and connects with it. The empathic and immediate tone of voice plays on content production that is woven into the interests and behaviours of the target, thanks to a social strategy that is specifically tailored to each channel.

Shooting and content production are organized on a weekly basis and in a carefree and dynamic photographic atmosphere. The result is authentic communication with a  fresh and immediate visual language.


Results of the first half of 2022 for

Social Media Management

  • +860 %
    of comments on content in which users are directly involved and questioned
  • +83 %
    of video views on reels produced in store