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Sapopa Direzione Artistica cover Sapopa Direzione Artistica cover mobile


Customer Sapopa

A Made in Italy brand that combines sport and fashion: with Sapopa, we jumped into the world of athleisure.

Year 2020 - on going
Sapopa Direzione Artistica

Breathe in, breathe out. Self-empowerment to the nth power.


Through the artistic direction and through the online and offline strategies designed for a sophisticated and inclusive product, we wanted to go beyond the classical concept of sport encouraging body positivity.

Art direction & communication

What's your goal for today? We took care of the artistic direction of the brand and worked on a digital strategy able to support and rule the online business presence, developing graphic and multimedia assets to give the new sapopa.com a brand new identity and an efficient support for digital marketing activities.

All the creative assets developed and designed for SAPOPA were used to support the sales objectives.