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Customer Unox S.p.A.

For UNOX, a leading manufacturing company of professional high performance ovens, we thought a simple website wouldn't have been enough.

Year 2018 - on going

It’s getting hot in here


The challenge was creating a brand-site that our client could manage in all of its aspects, a website that could be scalable, reactive and integrated.


Our performance-based SEO project is perfectly optimized for search engines.

The SERP prime rankings make the brand easy to reach by its targets.

Going from choosing an oven to drawing up a quote: the steps in the process are numerous.

We designed an interface that allows for the actual configuration of products with their associated accessories. And this is not all: corporate and marketing tools are integrated not just because they look good, but above all because they are useful

We-go helped us create a completely brand new site, featuring unrivalled usability and performance in our sector.

Nicola Michelon - CEO