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WOMSH (“Word of Mouth Shoes”) is a brand of Made in Italy fashion sneakers based on environmentally-friendly principles.

Year 2017 - on going


The challenge was to give a fresh and consistent new identity to an ever-evolving brand.


Fresh consistency was at the base of the brand revitalisation and communication project we developed having international business in mind.

Sustainability and fashion: these are the essential key words for the project’s art direction. Italian design inspires this concept which is also oriented to the international market.


Every single shot, recording, and scene has been conceived and designed to state WOMSH’s choice to be a fashion brand that rejects a system that is not striving to be virtuous.


Selling&inspiring: e-commerce does not merely sell sneakers, but instead a brand value that permeates the purchasing process in a clear and immersive way.

We have employed all the pivotal levers of Digital Marketing to give the brand online visibility, with a project that every day brings into play SEO, SEM and Social ads activities.

The trendiest sneakers among the sustainable ones and the most sustainable sneakers among the trendiest ones

Gianni dalla Mora