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Customer Breton S.p.A.

Breton S.p.A. is a world leader in the production of machinery for processing natural stone, metals and industrial plants for engineered stone.

Year 2021 - 2022
macchinario Breton ad alta tecnologia

A perfect interlocking of gears


A multilingual and multi-country brand-site that can be administered by the customer in all its facets and an online catalogue with numerous products that can be easily consulted. This is the result of the new technical and graphic design of breton.it: a welcoming, user-friendly and functional home for the commercial activity of business units and branches.

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Co-design on the we-flow model lays the foundations for a website with a modern and fluid look & feel that complements the new brand identity. Thanks to an analysis of the client's needs emerging from dialogue with them, consistent and focussed UX and UI are used, in particular in the development of the catalogue.

Detailed technical data sheets, real-time search filters and user experience on a human scale: the Breton catalogue is the result of active and constant collaboration with company management, which allowed us to study in detail the needs of individual users and all stages of the customer journey.

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