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ENG - TikTok (tac): it's unboomerizing time!

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Find out how to create content on TikTok to make your brand soar in beautiful posts and what factors to consider when strategizing.

Find out how to create content on TikTok to make your brand soar in beautiful posts and what factors to consider when strategizing. 

So, let's all repeat it together before we start reading this article: TikTok is not JUST a social, BUT much, much more! It is an entertainment platform, a bit like YouTube to understand us (and to be more analog we can say it is also like TV) capable of keeping the users who use it glued.

Let's get started. 

In a world where every swipe on a screen can change the rules of the game, TikTok has earned its crown as the undisputed king of creativity and engagement (cheers to TikTok, thank you). 

Thanks for the information-you will say-but what types of content exist? 

Hey, hey, calm perri salchicha, now we give you all the information you need! Don't paw, we have time! (TikTok, TikTok, you get it right?).

The content within this platform can be categorized according to the "Four I's": let's discover them together! 


Informative: the word itself says it, it is all those contents that aim to inform, but above all to educate the user. Their goal? That of positioning the brand so as to make it credible with respect to a given topic. Could this be the case for you? Here is an example: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGe8hR3Uu/


Interest: content that has this label is intended to entertain/tear a smile from the community. In fact, their purpose is to get people to disconnect from their daily routine and, no less important, to build community loyalty. Here you can have a laugh if you want: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGe8hS9Nx/


Inspirational: This is a category of content that aims to promote a mindset and inspire people. In fact, in the last period, this approach that promotes growth from a personal perspective is increasing more and more. To understand it better, let us show you an example: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGe8hR3K4/


Interactive: and here you will say, "OK, come on, I know this one, it's the classic type of content that prompts users who follow us to comment or put likes." But no (evil chuckle ed). Interactive content on TikTok has changed the paradigm of interaction: if before brands asked users to perform a classic action, now this is transformed and becomes more real because they are asked to do something together: we are talking about duets. This creates a direct dialogue between creator and user, and the sense of community and belonging flies. Here again, an example could not be missed: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGe8h6Lub/. 


Everything clear so far?

What is important to curate about the fruition of content on TikTok?

When a piece of content is designed, the creative part is certainly important, but it is not the only thing to be taken care of and taken into consideration! In fact, we are talking about the importance of its fruition. We all agree that the content should be vertical, but we also need to study well how it is constructed inside (so: subtitles yes or no, as much or as little light, audio usable from headphones or not, etc.)?

Okay pen and paper in hand that what we are about to tell you is not to be underestimated at all!

Let's start with a service information: on TikTok most users watch content with headphones/headsets. 🎧 In informational content, it is really very important to take care of the audio as it is a key element to give relevance to the information being conveyed. For entertainment content, on the contrary, it is not so fundamental because we also rely heavily on expressions. Another point to consider (and which we recommend you do) is to make the subject of your video clear, and thus appear, at the beginning of your video. Netflix does this very well with its tu-dum at the beginning of each of its products that makes it immediately recognizable.

Strategic approach to content on TikTok: let's talk about it

In content strategy, context analysis should not just be an initial assessment-quite the contrary! It must be an ongoing process: it is necessary, in fact, to analyze the initial context, but also that which is created and arises with time. Relevant events, competitor actions, etc., can affect our strategy, and we cannot fail to keep up! Here, then, is where identifying success themes becomes crucial. The question you may be asking at this point is, "What are the themes that work?

Let's try to figure that out together.

Target can help us so much in this (so don't disdain your community, but love it! It will give you all the answers you are looking for). Through small activities, such as analyzing audience comments and concerns, you will be able to identify weak points and then exploit them (but in a good way 🫠). This process will surely generate ideas for creating engaging content that, lo and behold, matches their very needs. Listening and observation (commonly referred to as social listening) therefore play a key role. It is important to understand what and how people are saying on the platform. 👂🏼👀

Approccio contenuti TikTok

But leveraging real time is equally crucial: current issues allow us to reach not only our community, but also other users. Analyzing competitor keywords recommended by top-performing channels and content and identifying trends through the search bar are highly useful. For example, look closely at the #foryou page to interpret its meaning. If a particular audio, meme or narrative style is gaining success, it is advantageous to ride the wave and adapt it to create content. 

In short, creating content on TikTok is not as easy as you might think! But we assure you that it is not impossible :-) 

As with all strategies put in place, you need to have a well-structured and meaty one for TikTok. When structuring your content keep in mind: authenticity, timeliness and listening to the community as crucial elements. Don't forget levity and a dash of craziness for your content and you will see that great performances will come! ✈️