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2024 Social Media Trends to Know

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The accelerating pace of digital innovations drives navigation through the vast sea of social media, and as 2023 bids farewell, 2024 opens with promises of even bolder revolutions. Next year's social media trends promise to break new ground. TikTok and LinkedIn are undoubtedly both social platforms with high user engagement and at the forefront of continuous feature evolution. Let's explore together the fascinating future ahead in the constantly evolving world of social media.

The 2024 social trends to know about

User-generated content

If you're trying to figure out if user-generated content is still valued, the answer is yes. This content is very valuable and effective for engaging your audience on social media. User-generated content will continue to be important and valued by social media users. Consumers tend to trust other users more than companies themselves, so sharing and using content generated by your audience can be an effective way to increase consumer trust. This type of raw content (raw content) is valued for its authenticity and genuineness. Raw content is immediate and engaging because it captures real, spontaneous moments. This type of content allows users to feel part of an experience and creates an emotional connection between the brand and the audience.

Long videos

As we are still recovering from the dominance of short-form videos, it seems crazy to say, but here we go: longer videos are about to become popular again. When we talk about longer videos, we don't mean extremely long videos. A duration between two to five minutes per video instead of less than a minute promises to be equally valuable. 

Why do we argue that the trend of video brevity may be reversing? First, the big platforms continue to increase the maximum length of their videos. Instagram's Reels can now last up to 15 minutes, and TikTok is also reportedly testing this length. 

In addition, X (Twitter) has launched its premium subscription, which allows paying users to upload videos up to two hours long. Enhance your evergreen video strategy (more timeless, in-depth videos that feature original audio and answer your audience's questions). When posting longer videos, include timestamps in your captions or video description so that viewers can easily navigate through the content.

The use of artificial intelligence

Large brands and social media teams are increasingly relying on AI-based tools to optimize their work. AI tools can provide operational support for social media managers, such as data-driven suggestions for campaigns, automated writing tools for post generation, and text-to-image generation. AI and social listening are two concepts that are becoming increasingly important in the world of digital marketing. The integration of artificial intelligence into social listening allows for a better understanding of users' preferences and needs on social media.

Thanks to advanced data analysis, it is possible to: 

  • identify patterns and trends more quickly
  • constantly monitor relevant mentions and discussions
  • identify emerging trends choose relevant influencers and segment audiences based on interests, behaviors and demographics
  • predict future trends reduce "noise" in the data provide more accurate analysis. 

The use of AI for social media content creation is very beneficial, but it is important to have a team of human experts who are able to oversee and adapt social media strategy based on AI-generated insights. To follow these trends, companies should adopt a strategy that values authenticity, focuses on user engagement and sharing, and makes strategic use of AI to improve content and social media marketing effectiveness.

Privacy and data tracking

First, tracking brand-related interaction is more difficult when it takes place in the privacy of direct messages, a territory out of reach for traditional social listening tools and analytics. 

But that doesn't mean it can't generate meaningful results for business (see our tips for tracking this type of "dark social" below). Second, companies and organizations need to get used to the fact that direct messages are the preferred method of communication for most social media users. 

This is also true for B2C conversations, which means that social media will become even more of a customer service channel in the coming years. Incentivize your audience to send you direct messages with questions and feedback. Prepare your social team to handle customer service inquiries. Set up automated responses when you can't respond in person, and track traffic from shares and direct messages with UTMs.

Social media trends for 2024


TikTok offers great engagement capabilities with new features and tools for creators, advertisers, and everyday users. TikTok is a social media platform that is currently focusing on improving the user experience by introducing new tools based on generative artificial intelligence

TikTok is now integrating Google search results into its in-app results, and the platform has added advanced search tools such as "Keyword Insights" to its Creative Center. TikTok will likely remain the benchmark of short video trends, and monitoring it will help you stay ahead of your Instagram-focused competitors.

X (Twitter)

As for X (formerly Twitter), features for making in-app payments and enhanced conversation spaces could be introduced. Premium members of X now have the ability to make calls and video calls directly through the app. The user has the power to determine from those who wish to receive calls and video calls, whether they are from followed people, verified users or contacts in their phone book. 

But the innovations do not stop there. Elon Musk's plan is to turn the app into a complete financial service, capable of handling a wide range of transactions, from sending money to friends to overall financial management. All to bring the app ever closer to WeChat, whose model has evolved from messaging into the payments business.


Pinterest is especially popular among people seeking inspiration for fashion, travel, home and art. The platform also offers tools for marketing consultants, businesses and creatives to share their work and promote their products and services. In 2024, Pinterest is expected to continue to be a popular social media platform, offering new features and opportunities for users and businesses.


Reels are short content that continue to gain popularity on the platform, and Instagram's algorithm gives them priority treatment. By using viral audios, brands can increase their chances of gaining visibility and engagement. Thus, by 2024, reels are expected to maintain their influence on Instagram.


LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for establishing and cultivating B2B relationships, with millions of professionals from different industries keeping in touch daily, exchanging references and professional information. LinkedIn may in the near future allow participation in virtual events and video streaming. It is also possible that LinkedIn will offer advice to its members on how to improve their chances of finding work. This also involves a change in the type of content on LinkedIn, which will become increasingly personal and informal. It is not yet clear whether LinkedIn's algorithm will favor personal content over professional content.

A hybrid approach that combines the efficiency of AI analytics with human interpretation and empathy in our view remains the key to success. In addition, to get a good return on your social media investment, you need to provide entertainment content that engages your audience and does not focus too much on brand promotion. 

For your successful 2024 social strategy, remember to follow a winning formula that combines UGC, content quality, and artificial intelligence. If you need a hand in managing your social strategies, we are ready to help: contact us now!