The 10 Content Marketing Trends 2023 you need to know about

Ilario Gobbi
Ilario Gobbi
SEO Specialist

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There is no shortage of content marketing trends for 2023! Do you think you know them all? Find out the ones you absolutely must know.

If there is one thing that does not change from year to year, it is the challenges faced by marketers: creating compelling, user-friendly and original content to retain an audience whose attention is increasingly divided between multiple brands and platforms.

Understanding the direction in which content marketing is moving in 2023 is crucial in order to increase the ability to fulfil business objectives.

So which are the key digital marketing trends to watch out for this year? Check them out with we-go!

1) Keep an eye on videos!

Once again, videos reconfirm themselves as one of the most popular content types, and therefore essential for digital marketers.

Videos are content that today can rank in the SERP (search engine results page) on the same level as websites, when they respond effectively to the needs of the audience. Think of tutorials that explain how to perform a task, webinars that explore a given topic, and field trials of machines and devices that show in an intuitive way how they work.

Social platforms teach: Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts and, of course, TikTok's short videos lead the way. It is about short-form content created to engage and encourage interaction with comments and shares, sources of entertainment and effective tools to make oneself known. These formats, in addition to increasing brand visibility, can also be used to monetise directly thanks to the possibilities made available by the various platforms, further increasing companies' revenues.

A video marketing strategy that focuses on short videos must take into account the preferences of one's audience and the kind of connection one aims to establish with them. We can create content such as:

* webinars
* interviews
* practical demonstrations of the use of products
* question and answer sessions with experts

to enhance the human side of the company and forge an emotional relationship with followers, while providing content that responds to their actual needs.

2) Lend an ear to podcasts!

Podcasts, along with videos, are the ultimate content designed for an audience that enjoys multi-tasking and browsing from mobile (basically, everyone!).

According to Semrush, 20% of people have purchased products after listening to a podcast: this format is increasingly successful, with a peak of 12 billion hours listened to in 2019 then rising to 15 billion hours in 2021. Podcasts are not a recent innovation, as there have been examples circulating for the last 20 years. However, it is only in the last five years, also thanks to the success of Spotify, that this type of content has reached viral diffusion.

Audio content allows you to establish an emotional relationship with your followers, keeping them updated on topics of interest in a simple and effective way.

Podcast marketing is a promotional strategy revolving around podcasts as tools to strengthen relationships with one's audience. Files can be listened to at any time online or downloaded locally.

As with all tools, a podcast does not guarantee success on its own, but when used intelligently in relation to the needs of its audience. Good keyword research makes it possible to study the informational needs of one's audience and to guide the creation of audio content that is truly capable of engaging listeners. This strategy can be applied in combination with other social retention methods to track user engagement and the effects on a brand's online reputation.

3) You don't need a good website... you need a great one!

We have already heard about it in 2022: core web vitals have become important factors for Google in evaluating website efficiency. Any site that takes more than three or four seconds to load cannot be considered perfectly responsive to users' expectations.

The technical SEO that we care so much about allows a site to become more relevant to its audience and thus to rank better.

If the entry of artificial intelligence into the market will help everyone to produce content of appreciable quality, it means that Google's attention will probably shift to those other factors that can make a difference. Good navigability, short loading times, satisfactory readability, an internal link architecture capable of introducing the reader to new content, are just some of the aspects of on-page SEO that will become even more relevant in 2023.

4) First-party data collection

Although Google has extended support for third-party cookies until 2024, this area is not what interests forward-looking marketers as much as that of first-party data.

Today, there are several marketing tools that allow for reliable results without the intermediation of third parties, such as:

* online surveys
* options activated directly at the time of registration
* event-based tracking
* analysis of the purchase history of each customer

Thanks to these approaches, companies can increase the accuracy of commercial texts, landing pages and web content, making them more responsive to the needs of their target audience.

5) Artificial intelligence everywhere!

In 2022, we saw the outbreak of artificial intelligence tools such as Midjourney, ChatGPT, Frase and Jasper, to produce text and images that come close to the human level, to the point where it is debated (and will be debated again) when they will stop alongside and begin to replace people's work (with all the ethical implications that entails).

Artificial intelligence will prove to be in this and the years to come a valuable support in the creation of quality content, we bet. This will allow the more mechanical stages of text processing to be delegated to a tool. Consequently, content creators will be able to focus on the more productive parts of the work, so that they will have more free time to support creativity.

Thanks to AI-enhanced tools we are able to:

* save time in making strategic decisions
* obtain and process more complete data to formulate strategies
* improve the ability to work in a team
* improve websites UX
* increase innovation in business processes
* create hyper-personalised content

AI software can automate routine tasks and save valuable time that could be used to follow customers more closely and perform tasks that bring real value. AI can help implement all-encompassing strategies, supported by analysis fed by data from different sources and therefore more efficient.

When it comes to specialised applications, we have plenty to choose from: Grammarly for editing, Jasper for SEO-oriented web writing or ChatFuel for automated chatting are just a few examples of tools that can improve and speed up the way we work.

6) More humane brands!

Nobody likes companies driven by formalism! A human tone of voice, close to people's expectations, is a prerequisite for forging an emotional bond with one's audience and building a community around the brand's values and vision. From this point of view, social media offer a great help to quickly and easily gather feedback on one's activities, observations on critical issues to be solved and to carry out customer care activities.

Presenting a brand with a sincere and genuine tone of voice allows you to lower the defenses that the public unconsciously erects towards those they do not trust. A genuine tone of voice allows one to be easily recognisable and to bond emotionally on a human level. This is why influencers and brand ambassadors, with their direct and spontaneous approach, are very important for conveying the values of the brands they work with, and for conveying the value of products and services from a people-friendly point of view.

7) High, high quality content!

As we said before, 2023 is promising to be the year of AI, which will come in handy at all levels, including that of content creation.

The struggle between online content providers will increasingly shift to the quality level, as tools will enable basically everyone to produce texts of standard quality. 

Blogs are still fundamental tools for audience retention, as they allow one to offer their audience original and valuable resources and to consolidate one's authority towards a given target group.

Differentiation and a focus on target audience needs will become even more crucial in order to increase the loyalty of an increasingly inconstant and time-poor audience.

Strategic keyword research allows one to identify subject niches that are poorly used by competitors, and to identify advantageous information needs to be addressed in order to be differentiated.

Also KPI analysis for each type of content will be crucial to evaluate the results obtained from the efforts made, and to implement the most profitable strategies in the production of content that is truly perceived as valuable.

8) Marketing in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is such a trendy concept of the moment. Big brands are competing to transpose their products and services into the virtual world in order to start a chain process that will make it more and more intriguing and nurture a real lifestyle parallel to that of the physical world. 

The game industry is just one of those sectors affected by the virtual evolution of life: cinema, fitness, but also work activities and social relationships can be transposed into the metaverse.

Although it is uncertain at the moment whether the phenomenon will collapse in on itself or become unavoidable, the opportunities for business are enormous. The important thing, however, will be to give this development a human direction, to ensure that it is still directed towards improving people's lives.

9) Attention to privacy

The issue of privacy never goes out of fashion, especially in these years when the number of applications to which we delegate access to our personal data, often unknowingly, is multiplying. At we-go, we study the most effective solutions to mediate between the need to respect people's privacy and at the same time guarantee a good ability to monitor user behaviour in a discreet manner, such as Google Tag Manager Server Side, which we have already mentioned.

10) Omnichannel Marketing: everything is part of something bigger

If anything will not diminish in 2023, it is the pressure on marketers to do their jobs more productively and find new ways to interact with potential customers.

Omnichannel marketing is a holistic approach to marketing that involves an integrated customer experience across all channels. In this way, it is possible to stimulate user engagement and drive sales through all touch points, from social media to retail interactions.

This approach is implemented through various strategies including:

* personalizing communications
* using data to target customers with the right message at the right time
* maintaining high user reach at every stage of interaction
* viral videos on social networks
* using virtual reality technologies to combine offline and online shop interaction

By adopting this strategy, it is possible to:

* increase brand credibility
* extend customer lifetime value
* stimulate upselling and cross-selling  
* increase the loyalty of users through an approach that takes their specificities into account.

2023 is expected to be a year full of interesting opportunities for content creators, graphic designers, SEO experts, UX experts, web writers who are able to ride the digital marketing trends of the new year. we-go is ready to do its part by keeping you up to date on all the trends.