How to monitor SEO results with professional dashboards

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Need to clearly and comprehensively analyze the results of SEO activities? Find out how professional dashboards can help you.

Monitorare SEO dashboard professionali

Numbers are not always of clear significance. Take for instance the monitoring of a company's website: maybe for you the events reported by GA4 are illuminating, the metrics of Google Search Console are so clear that they don't even need to be explained, but this is not true for everyone.

However, metrics for their own sake are not meaningful enough, you need human intervention to contextualize them according to current market conditions, industry trends, initiatives undertaken and possible scenarios in the future. It is not enough to have data, it is necessary to be able to READ and RECORD it, and that is what a dashboard is for.

We have seen the role that a measurement plan plays in developing a clear vision of what has been achieved and where to focus on. 

Piano di misurazione SEO

At some point, the management of your organization will want to assess with their own eyes the result of the SEO strategies implemented. And it is at this point that you will be grateful to have a business intelligence dashboard at your disposal, perhaps even thanks to the advice in this article.

What is a SEO dashboard?

dashboard is a tool that allows you to visually represent your business results in a clear manner, measure deviations from set targets and support your business growth decisions with objective data. 

This tool enables the analysis of SEO metrics to:

  • demonstrate the site's ability to attract traffic in line with its business objectives
  • verify site performance
  • analyze conversions achieved in relation to one's objectives (e.g. leads, transactions, newsletter subscriptions, etc.)
  • provide objective data to support strategic decisions 

Intersecting this information makes it possible to draw useful observations for company management. For example, well-positioned pages with a low conversion rate may mean that the chosen search keys are not in line with the objectives, or that these pages do not offer content in line with customer expectations, or that there are technical problems preventing users from following the sales funnel.

How to monitor KPIs through a dashboard

Paradoxically, today we have even more data at our disposal than we really need. Clicks and page scrolling are already valuable metrics for deducing the needs and expectations of one's audience and analyzing how our content responds to them, but we risk getting lost in the 'buzz' that accompanies such a mass of information and neglecting what is really useful to us.

professional dashboard allows us to:

  • collect data relevant to marketing strategies from different sources
  • exclude data that are not really useful for its own reporting purposes
  • highlight a context that gives the right value to each achieved objective
  • present achieved and desirable KPIs
  • present conclusions in a visually intuitive format
Piano di misurazione SEO - Dashboard professionale

KPIs are indicators that allow monitoring of achieved performance and help to understand whether and how a business organization is achieving its goals.

Effective KPIs must be

  • measurable, quantifiable, expressible in an objectively accountable manner and not be manipulable (e.g. most visited pages, conversions per page, etc.)
  • actionable: they must offer information on a given phenomenon and allow indications to be drawn on how to change it (e.g. cart abandonment rate, NSL subscribers)

Dashboards therefore make it possible to show in a simple and immediate way a series of KPIs useful for one's own analysis and reporting needs. They can be customized according to your type of site, the sector you operate in, the type of promotional activities you have set up, and the specific reporting needs of management.

Some of the most important metrics to be analyzed using dashboards include, for example:

  • the amount of traffic to the site obtained from the various sources
  • the number of total organic users
  • most visited pages of the site
  • sales per channel
  • sales by product/category
  • browsing performance from mobile
  • which content has the lowest and highest exit percentage
  • the positioning achieved for keywords of interest
  • the increase in inbound links
  • the total number of contact requests
Dashboard SEO per misurare risultati


Not all companies need to monitor the same objectives: an e-commerce site has different objectives than a showcase site.

In the case of e-commerce, we can consider KPIs relevant to business results such as:

  • total revenue
  • average conversion rate
  • shopping cart abandonment rate
  • number of transactions
  • average order value


To set up a dashboard that can answer questions of interest to management, such as:

  • which devices our target audience uses to visit the site
  • how many products users buy on average
  • which referrals have had a positive impact on sales
  • how we can increase sales to each user who comes to the site
  • how many customers we have obtained from paid traffic


We can use the dashboard to highlight KPIs that tend to be indicative of the results of SEO activities undertaken, such as: 

  • number of leads obtained from the website
  • increase in website turnover
  • number of backlinks obtained
  • ranking for the chosen keywords
  • page loading speed

and the most important KPIs for the specific CTAs set up (contact requests, catalog or list downloads, newsletter subscriptions, etc.).


Starting with the actual KPIs, it is possible to clearly display the state of the art with the dashboard and show how far the goals are or are not achievable, such as 

  • which pages are far from the respective ranking goals
  • which landing pages have a higher bounce rate than others
  • which pages are at risk of cannibalizing others by competing for the same ranking goals
  • how many recurring visitors have been acquired

Marketing professionals can then use the data exposed by graphs and tables to argue their own conclusions about the site's situation. Here human interpretation makes the difference in reaching valid conclusions on the effectiveness of SEO strategies.

We realize, however, that collecting and amalgamating data from disparate sources into a single interface is not always easy to draw truly useful observations for one's own case

For this purpose, we-go provides those who need it with a professional, structured and versatile SEO dashboard for analyzing and presenting data from different sources in a clear and orderly manner.

we-go's Dashboard Pro for digital analytics: why it's right for you

The we-go’s Dashboard PRO allows you to process data sources from various sources in one place: Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Meta Page Insights, Google Ads.

Dashboard Pro SEO

The data is presented in the form of graphs, tables and in other formats, in order to clearly and intuitively illustrate the results of a company's activities from SEO, social and paid campaigns.

This means that marketers have all relevant business data from various sources available in a single interface that is constantly updated.

This is a considerable advantage for those who need to make the analysis of results, the reporting of results to company management and drawing conclusions to support marketing decisions more efficient. 

Dashboard Pro SEO 2

The we-go Dashboard PRO allows you to:

  • constantly monitor, through a single interface, the achievement of set objectives (e.g. leads, visits, engagement, etc.)
  • standardize data from different sources (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Meta Insights) in order to correctly attribute the relevant conversions to each channel 
  • illustrate, with data in hand, appropriate strategies to achieve better results, respond to new market trends and correct problems encountered 
Dashboard Pro we-go

Do you need a professional SEO dashboard focused on your organization's business objectives? At we-go we are in the business of helping companies derive maximum value from their business data.

Contact us now and find out how we can help you.

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