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TikTok for business: all the free tools you need for top performance

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TikTok provides you with many features to increase the visibility of your business. Find out which tools can help you.

  1. Which tools does TikTok provide for businesses?
  2. Tools for enhancing creativity on TikTok

Anyone who has started working with TikTok for business purposes will agree that the platform can appear as a maze of sections and tools in which it is often easy to get lost. Moreover, one often does not know where to start in order to get inspiration for one's own content. (If, on the other hand, you have not yet started working with it, you may find in our related article more than a few reasons to start doing so now).

On the positive side, unlike other platforms for businesses and advertising, TikTok provides a lot of input to help anyone who wants to enter its world and monetise their business, either as a creator or as a company. In this case, we therefore do not strictly need to find and invest in external tools to help us perform. 

Many free tools for trend analysis, industry benchmarks and content creation itself are in fact made available to companies, which are certainly sufficient to start working in this channel.

Which tools does TikTok provide for businesses?

First of all, we find the first data on the TikTok audience in the TikTok Insights section: useful in-depth information on many aspects, from how the community behaves and interacts with brands to how ads on the platform generate a real impact at the business level. 

In the Creative Centre, on the other hand, creative and analytical resources are available.

Whether you are looking for examples of high-performance video ads, want to learn about current trends or need creative support, you are in the right place here.

The first menu item on the site is about inspiration. We know that creativity is crucial to stand out on the platform. In order to excel, however, we have to keep up to date with what other market players are delivering and especially what is particularly working. Here, in this section, we can find:

  • an overview of the best performing ads (Top Ads Dashboard) filterable by sector, country, metric, target, duration and time interval. Furthermore, insights such as interactions, clicks, CTR and more can be explored for each video. This dashboard will allow us to deepen our understanding of the best performing formats, content and trends in our industry to take inspiration from. A great starting point that could save us an initial testing phase by immediately understanding which content performs best.
Top Ads dashboard TikTok business

  • data on the best performing keywords, in the Keyword Insights section. Here too, similarly to the previous section, we can filter by industry and country, and identify the most relevant keywords for the relevant business. This is an extremely valuable tool for formulating text (caption, call to action and copy within videos) for our content. By delving into the details of a single keyword, we will even be able to see how it is used within the complete texts and display related keywords and hashtags.
Keyword Insight TikTok business
  • creative strategies: a whole section in which TikTok provides strategy tips for different sectors and objectives. And who better to know what works in TikTok?
  • showcase of the most successful advertisements selected by TikTok, in the Showcase section. These are real case studies of success to delve into and take inspiration from, and here too we can filter them by industry, country, objective and type of content.

Let's now move on to trend analysis (here are the must-know trends of 2023), a literally crucial step for anyone approaching the platform. We are then able to go on to analyze:

  • Trending hashtags with posts that use them, trending graphs, reference creators and analytical data. From the analytics section, in particular, we will be able to examine the numbers relating to the use of the hashtag, but not only: the reference audience, with relevant demographic data and interests.
TikTok business - strumenti gratuiti e migliori performance
  • Songs: the ranking of the most popular songs on the platform, with insights. Also, if you are concerned that you cannot use the songs for your business account (you can read more about this here), fear not! You will see the songs that can be used for business purposes highlighted. Furthermore, you can delve into the song library in the Audio Library section.

  • Creators of the moment, the real protagonists of the platform and your potential best allies. If you are indeed looking for creators to hire, here you have a first useful overview. Each of them can then be explored further either by viewing their profile or by viewing all their analytical data in the Creator Marketplace, where you can contact them directly to request a partnership.
TikTok per business: strumenti

Influencer marketing has never been easier and most importantly profitable. The performance data of creators, more than 500,000 available, is viewable to everyone, and we will have no doubt about who to choose for our industry and target audience.

  • Trending Tiktok videos (not just ads): literally the ultimate source of inspiration for content and to keep up to date with what really works. We choose the reference period (e.g. last 7 or 30 days) and identify the best content (also based on likes, shares or comments).
Video di Tiktok di tendenza

Tools for enhancing creativity on TikTok

Now that we have taken inspiration and learnt the trends of the moment, the only thing left to do is to create. Let's move on to the Creative Tools section, where we will find the first free tools for producing TikTok videos in the simplest way. Of course, these tools are very basic and will not replace more professional tools, but they can be of help to those with limited resources for video editing. In fact, we find a video editor, a whole section of usable templates also divided by sector, and the first interactive effects developed by some of the most famous brands for you to try out.

Finally, we come to a very useful section especially for e-commerce ownersTop Products. What are the most popular products on the platform? What results and advertising costs do they report? In this section we find all the answers.

Explore Top Products on TikTok

We select the target country and choose from the numerous product categories and immediately find the most interesting benchmarks. We explore a single category and find a detailed dashboard on the advertising results for related ads: from impressions, to views, costs per acquisition, reference videos and related hashtags. Finally, here too we find an overview of the target audience, which is very useful for gaining a better understanding of what the target audience of our e-commerce may be. 

Do you need a reliable strategy to boost your business on TikTok? We-go is ready to help you, contact us to start working together!