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Google introduces AIs in Performance Max: what you need to know

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We know that Google continually strives to build privacy-based advertising products and artificial intelligence designed to help businesses thrive. 

AI is one of the innovations introduced by Google Ads to help advertisers maximize time and return on investment, whether through features that partially use AI to fully AI-based products. 

Performance Max are an innovative type of ad campaigns that enable them to reach higher value customers through the opportunities provided by machine learning and automation. Google is introducing new changes that see AI at the center of its advertising tools. 

New AI-based features will help companies create campaigns, simplify search ads, and improve creative. These experiences will make search smarter and easier and integrate ads directly into search results. Ads will be personalized for each stage of the search journey, providing users with more relevant and effective ads.

What is Performance Max?

Performance Max is an innovative goal-focused campaign type that allows advertisers to leverage the power of Google Ads through a single campaign. This innovation aims to integrate keyword-based campaigns into the Search Network, enabling them to reach a wider audience and identify potential customers who complete conversions across all Google channels, including YouTube, the Display Network, the Search Network, Discover, Gmail, and Maps.

In short, a Performance Max campaign guides the advertiser in defining the best audience segment, helps them manage their budget effectively, and leads them to choose the appropriate content to show and on which channels.

Cos'è Performance Max

What is Performance MAX for?

Performance Max assists the advertiser in optimizing performance in accordance with specified conversion goals, helping to increase both the number and value of conversions through real-time optimization across multiple platforms, leveraging the power of Smart Bidding. It allows you to aggregate your Google ads, from Display, Search, Gmail, Youtube and Maps, and optimize them to meet a goal. 


It is an automated bidding system based on Google's artificial intelligence that makes it easier to achieve increased conversions by continuously optimizing ad performance across all channels using Smart Bidding. 


However, even with this technology, the inputs provided to campaigns remain prioritized for successful strategies, including: audience segments, goals, creative, and conversion values considered optimal.

Come funziona Performance Max

How Performance Max works

Performance Max leverages Google's advanced AI-based technologies to manage bids, budget, audience, creative, attribution and other aspects, customizing them to the specific advertising goal. For example, if you have a specific ROAS or CPA goal, performance is optimized according to those parameters, along with creative elements, audience demographics, and optional data feeds provided by you. 

Performance Max makes use of machine learning models to optimize bids and placements, with the goal of generating conversions or conversion value in line with the advertiser's specific goals. 

Ads run automatically across all Google ad networks, ensuring that the advertiser loads the necessary creative, including images, text and video, suitable for each type of Google Ads campaign.

How Performance Max can help us

Through this mode, we can provide important data, including information about your audience, including your customer data, high-quality text content, good images and video, elements that can make significant improvements in campaign performance. In addition, we have the ability to significantly influence the identification of priority types of conversions for your business by defining conversion values and establishing rules associated with them. 


It will be critical to pay special attention when defining our account-level conversion goals, as they will be used by Google PMax to determine automatic bids and achieve results in line with those goals. 


Account-level brand safety settings are also available, allowing you to alert Google Ads to the types of content along with which you want to exclude your ads from running.

The features of Performance Max

  • Data-driven attribution optimization across channels for touchpoints that provide the most incrementality and lead customers to make conversions.
  • Machine learning models to make more accurate predictions about the most effective ads, audience segments and creative combinations.
  • Performance Max asset reports: help understand which creative affects performance and optimize it to increase ROAS.
  • Growing search trends: new insights that can help you understand variations in performance and adjust your overall business strategy.

The benefits of Performance Max

  • greater simplicity in campaign management 
  • greater transparency 
  • greater ease in optimizing ads automation in managing bidding and ad processes through Smart Bidding 
  • time savings and maximized effectiveness in training machine learning algorithms goal-focused campaign management 
  • easily access all Google advertising channels with a single campaign
  • gain conversion value and coverage in addition to those generated by keyword-based search network campaigns customize goals to achieve more conversions 
  • improve performance based on goals 
  • unlock new audience segments on Google channels and networks target automation with campaign inputs

The disadvantages of Google Performance Max

Google Performance Max campaigns are easy to manage thanks to machine learning. However, relying too much on animation without really knowing how to set up campaigns risks leading to wasted resources. For the same reason, these are not optimal campaigns for those who want to have the situation in hand and introduce changes as they go, as there is little room for intervention.

AI innovations in Performance Max

New conversational experience

Google is introducing a new natural language conversational experience within Google Ads that will generate relevant and effective keywords, titles, descriptions, images, and other elements for campaigns. A new natural language-based conversational experience will simplify the creation of ad campaigns by combining advertiser experience with Google AI to generate relevant suggestions such as keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, and other ad assets.

Increased personalization and relevance of ads

Google is also introducing generative AI into Performance Max to make it easier for businesses to create personalized assets and scale them in just a few clicks. Generative AI will be used to create and tailor search ads based on the context of a query, improving the relevance of ads. 

Generative AI has also been introduced in Performance Max campaigns, which have already delivered positive results at the business growth level. Advertisers using Performance Max achieve on average more than 18 percent more conversions for the same cost per action. With generative artificial intelligence, creating custom assets for Performance Max campaigns becomes even easier. Advertisers can provide their website and Google's artificial intelligence will learn information about the brand to populate the campaign with text and other relevant elements. It will even suggest new images generated specifically for the campaign.

Adaptive search ads

Another improvement is the use of generative artificial intelligence for adaptive search ads (ACA). ACA already uses content from existing landing pages and ads to generate titles and descriptions. With the addition of generative artificial intelligence, ACA can create and adapt search ads more effectively based on the context of a query, improving ad relevance and staying true to the brand.

New formats for Search Generative Experience

In addition, Google is experimenting with new native formats for Search Generative Experience (SGE) that use generative artificial intelligence to create relevant, high-quality ads customized for each stage of the search journey.

Nuovi formati per Search Generative Experience

Increased focus on privacy

Google also reiterates the importance of user trust and Google Ads' commitment to providing AI-based products that preserve user privacy. Google is committed to the privacy front and is actively testing new privacy-preserving signals from the Privacy Sandbox to handle changes resulting from the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome. The goal is to provide privacy-preserving and artificial intelligence-based advertising products that help businesses succeed. 


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