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Customer ItaliaNFT
ItaliaNFT is the first marketplace dedicated to the best of Italy's artistic, cultural and productive heritage.
Year 2021-2022


After identifying the touchpoints through co-design, we created a communication plan that evolves the concept of "Made in Italy" and interprets it in an NFT key, challenging the intricate dynamics of the crypto world and resulting in an elegant, streamlined and unique communication in the reference market.

Marketing & Strategy

Starting from the payoff "Welcome to the new Renaissance", we combined the technological and artistic language, following the various communication channels with a transversal artistic supervision on social, national television, radio, online events and billboards at an international level.

Within the content production the videos involved some of the most important artists in the field of Italian NFT, such as Luna Berlusconi, Andy Bluvertigo, Marco Lodola, Myfo, Solomostry.